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Team Leader Program


Empower your middle managers to become impactful team leaders with The Magnet Institute's specialized program. Our Team Leader Program provides them with essential skills and behaviors to optimize organizational processes and successfully manage teams and projects. With comprehensive training in project management, teambuilding, quality assurance, and communication skills, our program empowers your managers to drive innovation and achieve tangible results. Invest in their growth and witness the transformative impact on your organization's success. 

Team Leader Level 1 Duration:  6 months

Program Overview

Welcome to our Middle Manager Training Program! This comprehensive program is designed to equip aspiring team leaders and operational managers with the essential knowledge, skills, mindset and behaviours needed to excel in their roles. Whether you're looking to enhance your manager’s leadership abilities, improve their team performance, or optimize operational processes, our program provides a structured and dynamic learning experience. By taking ownership, innovating, and upskilling their teams based on values and understanding of customer needs, your managers will drive tangible results. The investment in their capacity building is quickly repaid as they implement their learnings through real-time projects, delivering immediate and long-term value to your organisation. 


Basics in project management, introduction to quality assurance - Total Quality Management (TQM), personal working methods, presentation techniques (oral and written communication), communication and working with teams, environmental protection, business process management, motivation and situational leadership styles, operational organization, understanding remuneration systems, basics in financial literacy.


When employers invest in their middle managers through our Team Leader Level 1 program, they can expect capable and effective managers who possess essential skills and mindsets to excel in their roles. Our program fosters a continuous culture of learning and improvement promoting innovation and optimising the production or service process. They will gain a deep understanding of quality standards and the importance of addressing issues promptly to maintain process quality. They will also learn efficient resource management techniques to boost productivity and reduce waste through LEAN approaches. Additionally, they will embrace the practice of organising preventive maintenance to minimise equipment downtime and enhance safety, ensuring smooth site operations. 

These outcomes empower middle managers to drive positive change, foster growth, and enhance overall organisational performance through teamwork and upskilling employees. We are committed to equipping your managers with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in their leadership roles.

Certificate Overview

Upon completing our Middle Manager Training Program, participants will receive a joint certificate from The Magnet Institute and sfb-esg-soa (centre de formation de technologie et de management), our certification partner. This certificate recognizes their achievement, validates course completion, and showcases their acquired skills. It signifies their dedication to professional growth, readiness for middle management responsibilities, and ability to contribute effectively to their organisation's success.