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Frequently Asked Questions

Our training programs at The Magnet Institute are designed to be flexible and convenient for managers. The training sessions are scheduled at different times, minimising disruptions to work schedules. We aim to provide professional development opportunities without requiring extended leaves or prolonged absences from work. Please check the program details to find one that suits your employees' availability and allows them to balance work and training.

The duration of our training programs varies depending on the program and its level. We offer both one to three days intensive seminars and around 6-months comprehensive courses to accommodate different needs.

We understand that participants may have time or budget constraints, so we allow breaks between levels. You can complete one level at a time, with intervals between them, and still receive certification for each completed level. This flexibility allows you to customise your training journey according to your schedule and specific requirements. However you should continue your training journey within a maximum of 5 years to still have recognized the certificate of the prior level.

To attend our training programs, managers must meet certain requirements. They should have a minimum of two team members under their supervision to ensure practical application of the training content. Participants should also have sufficient language proficiency in reading and writing to engage with the program materials and actively participate in discussions and assignments. These prerequisites are essential for managers to effectively implement the strategies and techniques learned in their workplace. Beside the first training program level, the certificate of the prior level is mandatory.

Whenever possible, we conduct our training programs in physical classrooms to promote face-to-face interaction, collaboration, and networking among participants. This format also includes simulations and practical projects for hands-on experience. However, we may also offer online options for certain programs.

Yes, managers from various industries and sectors can participate in our programs. The core managerial skills and competencies taught are applicable across different business environments.

Yes, our training programs are accredited and certified by renowned industry bodies and educational institutions, including our Swiss partner institute, sfb-esg-soa. Participants receive highly reputable and well-recognized certifications upon successful completion of the programs.

Yes, we can customise training programs to meet the unique needs of organisations. We work closely with businesses and managers to develop tailored programs that address specific challenges.

While our focus is on managerial training in Africa, individuals from outside Africa are welcome to participate in our programs. The knowledge and skills acquired can be valuable for managing businesses in a global context.

What is the cost of The Magnet Institute's training programs?​

The cost of each training program varies depending on its unique features and duration and is based on money for value. We encourage you to check the program details or reach out to us directly to obtain the specific cost information. Our team will be happy to provide you with the necessary details and assist you in finding the program that best fits your needs. By the way, the implementation of real-life projects in your organisations will let you have a short pay-back period of your money you invested in our programs.