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Effective Communication - Workshop


Communication is a cornerstone of effective teamwork, productivity and customer satisfaction within any organization. Our effective communication workshop aims to address the root causes of ineffective communication and equips managers with the tools and techniques necessary to foster clear, impactful communication within their teams.

Duration of the Effective Communication Workshop: 1.5 days

Course Overview

Despite understanding the fundamental importance of communication, many teams still  face challenges with communication that hinder their success. Talented personnel may be leaving too quickly, teams may appear idle, and clients disappearing due to ineffective communication strategies. 

As a solution to these pressing issues, our communication workshop equips middle managers with the essential tools and strategies to enhance communication practices within their organizations. 

Over the course of two days, participants are engaged with various topics such as recognizing good and bad communication, foundational communication skills, internal and external communication strategies, and implementing communication improvement projects.


The primary focus of this workshop is to empower middle managers with the knowledge and skills to inspire and engage teams, drive loyalty, ensure alignment and collaboration within teams, improve efficiency, and position businesses or brands as customer-centric entities.

Learning outcome

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Implement communication strategies to inspire and motivate their teams towards optimum performance and loyalty.
  • Design and implement communication strategies that drive team alignment, collaboration, and productivity, fostering a positive workplace culture.
  • Implement external communication strategies to deliver high-quality experiences for clients and positively position the business.

Certificate Overview

Upon successful completion of the Effective Communication Workshop, participants will receive a joint certificate from The Magnet Institute and sfb-esg-soa (centre de formation de technologie et de management).  

The certificate recognizes their achievement and dedication, validates course completion, and showcases their acquired skills. This signifies their commitment to professional growth, readiness for improvement of the middle management responsibilities, and ability to contribute effectively to their organization's success.