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Lean is a management philosophy that that pertains to the application of Lean principles and methodologies within a managerial context . It aims to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize processes while delivering value to customers. Over time, the principles of Lean have been adopted across various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, services, and more.

Lean for managers masterclass  Duration:  1 day and a half

Program Overview

Numerous Rwandan companies and organizations face challenges in maximizing their outcomes and profits. These difficulties arise from using methods that don't effectively leverage the resources at hand to deliver optimal value over the long term. The Lean management approach offers a fresh perspective and methodology, aiding leaders and managers in efficiently utilizing their resources. This results in streamlined operations that reduce wastage, boost efficiency, and consequently enhance productivity and profitability. Our workshop is crafted to equip leaders with essential skills for implementing Lean management techniques in their workplaces.


Basics in project management, introduction to quality assurance - Total Quality Management (TQM), personal working methods, presentation techniques (oral and written communication), communication and working with teams, environmental protection, business process management, motivation and situational leadership styles, operational organization, understanding remuneration systems, basics in financial literacy.

Learning outcome

  • Participants will be able to identify significant areas of improvement in quality, time or cost within their sphere of influence.
  • Participants will be able to describe the lean management approaches and show its potential benefits  to reduce waste and improve productivity in identified areas of their business
  • Participants will be able to estimate the value of lean management in their business and be motivated to implement this approach for greater efficiency and waste elimination
  • Participants will be able to draw up a plan of action to implement lean management in a specific area of their business which they have identified

Therefore, Participants will be able to identify and articulate the components of a lean management approach and differentiate it from other management approaches.

Certificate Overview

Upon completing our Middle Manager Training Program, participants will receive a joint certificate from The Magnet Institute and sfb-esg-soa (centre de formation de technologie et de management), our certification partner. This certificate recognizes their achievement, validates course completion, and showcases their acquired skills. It signifies their dedication to professional growth, readiness for middle management responsibilities, and ability to contribute effectively to their organisation's success.